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A Leaving Note from Angy.


Writing a final note from me as I prepare to leave Durham & Deerness Valley after 8 years is not easy. It is an opportunity to say thank you so much to all the people who have supported me, Andrew and Alexander over the years: With cups of tea, with words of wisdom, with prayers and in so many practical ways, like taking on jobs to allow me the time to concentrate on other things. I hope you all know who you are & I hope you know how much I have appreciated it. Thank you all too for your grace in those times when I have dropped the ball and not got things right and in those times when my ‘experimenting’ with liturgy and worship has produced some interesting results.

Through times of good and bad, happiness and sadness I know that God has been with us and we will continue to be bound together as sisters and brothers in Christ wherever we are. So I look forward to continuing to hear the news from the North.

The very final thing I want to leave you with is actually the first thing I have sent to my new circuit of Epworth and Scunthorpe, the words of a hymn that seem to me to catch so much of what my faith is all about. It is one of the 2 hymns that I have chosen for my welcome service into the circuit; ‘In a Byre near Bethlehem’ (Singing the Faith 324) and in particular the chorus;

And he’s here when we call him,

bringing health, love and laughter,

to life now and ever after,

for the good of us all.

  • Jesus/God is never far away from us, our God is not distant but became incarnate to share in our joys and sorrows.

  • What God desires for us is health, love and laughter, the enjoyment of the world around us and being in relationship with God and with others.

  • And that is in the here and now as much as it is about the here-after.

  • And it is for all of us, without exception.

So with those thoughts I want to encourage you to keep singing your faith in all you say and sing and do, and I pray that you and yours, and everyone you meet will continue to be blessed by God’s love.

God bless, Angy

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